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Seven Deadly Sins Signs of Holy War Episode 4 Subbed

Seven Deadly Sins Signs of Holy War Episode 4.
Watch Seven Deadly Sins Seisen no Shirushi Episode 4 in High Quality HD online on
You are watching Seven Deadly Sins Signs of Holy War Special Episode 4.
Episode 4 of the TV Anime Series Seven Deadly Sins Seisen no Shirushi / Signs of Holy War.



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  • Uzumaki Naruto

    I can’t go in RAW. It goes against my better nature.

    • AnakinBongWater

      its Raw its bloody RAAAAAWWWW !!!

  • W0LF

    mhhhhh that ending

  • Alex Bauman

    i am a little annouyed that this episode wasn’t about Gowther fucking with Guila’s memory.

  • Pramana Setiadarma

    subtitle plis 🙁

  • Jonh Biel Parreño

    No Subtitle 🙁

  • jigga masta

    where the sub at man ?? 🙁

  • Danzo

    Will there be a episode 5?

    • there will be no episode 5. this series have 4 episodes only.

      • AfroArcher

        why does it say about an episode 5 on the side then?

        • Porthya

          Because they didn’t check official info or wanted to keep viewers around for other projects; this has been promoted for a long while(2-3 months) as a 4 episodes only special series(on the cover pages of the manga chapters as well, not just official sites for anime)

  • Randomguy

    where are the subs ?

  • Shoun ConCon

    Why does ep 4 took so long to be subbed? omg

  • Alex287

    It’s been a week and no subtitles. I’ve noticed one of my anime reviewers I’m subscribed to on YouTube hasn’t made a review video for this episode. Is this the only website that’s uploaded episode 4? I wonder if everything’s okay.

    • AhmedHadi

      It has been Indonesian subbed long before English, can you believe that?

      Lol lucky Indonesian fans.

  • AhmedHadi

    At the moment, Indonesian subs are the only subtitles there is for this episode. Makes me wish I can read Indonesian, lmao.

  • Elxi

    Well fk those fansubbers, raw is cool too

  • Saltyy

    he deflected the fireball with a fucking spoon, thats why I love this show lmao

    • matt powers

      No get it right he deflected it by throwing a sugar cube with a spoon

  • Saltyy

    wooo escanor

  • ASAP Musti

    these fansubbers are slow af omg

  • Praise the Sun


  • TionHart

    Escanor Hype!!!

  • Monse

    fuck escanor, im more hyped about the albion arc! The fight against galand is coming. Oh and wow ok waking up the commandments in some random episode ok… welcome commandments, enjoy your time being an actual threat before reaching the point where the manga is currently at and where you lot are just meat for meliodas, escanor, merlin and sometimes even the most random character to kick around.

    • PhoenixGirl AJ

      Isn’t Meliodas the former leader of the Ten Commandments… I have never read the manga so I dunno much about that stuff

      • Monse

        Yeah he was; he held two commandments as well.

  • Uzumaki Naruto

    Finally subbed

    • alexis

      can you please help me i clicked on episode 4 and its only playing episode 3

      • Uzumaki Naruto

        Idk. Try going somewhere else, or keep trying. Idk what your computer’s problem is.

        • Ichinzen

          If it’s an old computer kick it a few times maybe it’ll work right. Sometimes old things just need a good kick before they work right.

  • Speedsaber

    i feel like all of this is just filler.

    • PhoenixGirl AJ

      Cuz it is :3 not s2, but leading up to it

  • alexis

    wht is happening….its playing episode 3 even though i clicked on episode 4

  • alexis

    someone help me

    • Which tab youbare using to watch episode?

      Get Outlook for iOS

  • PhoenixGirl AJ

    Omg what a cliffhanger

  • Sogard

    Make that damn season 2 already, I’m dying here. X(