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Seven Deadly Sins Signs of Holy War Episode 3 Subbed

Seven Deadly Sins Signs of Holy War Episode 3.
Watch Seven Deadly Sins Seisen no Shirushi Episode 3 in High Quality HD online on
You are watching Seven Deadly Sins Signs of Holy War Special Episode 3.
Episode 3 of the TV Anime Series Seven Deadly Sins Seisen no Shirushi / Signs of Holy War.




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  • Uzumaki Naruto

    I legitimately can’t wait. The intense anticipation that has been caused by this new season is causing me to have a brain aneurysm. If this new episode doesn’t come out soon I will actually die.

    • Julius Seizure

      I feel exactly the same.

      • Uzumaki Naruto

        Jesus fuck, why?

      • alice193

        well i’m going to have nightmares now….

  • ASAP Musti

    will the subbing be scheduled or no ETA?

    • Niittylahti

      KenXyro: it’ll be subbed in the next 24 hours.
      KenXyro: @lax I don’t watch it but I know when the subs will be done as the group called tenshi is doing it

      Saw it on chat yesterday 🙂


    eh i wonder what took them so long

  • meliodas

    sucky episode all about dianne and king

    • dicecop

      Well it’s setup for season 2. The most important scene is at the end though…

  • Maddie The Ninja

    Do you guys think they’ll dub any of these eps?? I mean, I’m not complaining, it’s still Taizai, but y’know. But they probably won’t dub them cause they’re technically OVAs, right?

    • Tyreke Murray

      Not gonna get dubbed and not really ova since it is another arc, and its too early to start dubbing episodes.

  • the-dragon-master

    no this is season 2

  • Dark Siry

    Why is isnt it subbed yet

  • DemiDivinity

    This is why I’d love to be able to understand Japanese. I’m fairly impatient so whenever a raw, untranslated episode in a series I happen to like is released I have to wait until the subtitled version comes out. Eugh.

    • Aron D. Willms

      It is worth noting usually the wait times for subtitles are a matter of hours at most. This is easily the longest wait period for subtitles I’ve ever seen for a anime. It’s baffling to me that there don’t even seem to be fansubs out there at the moment. A lot of this situation just doesn’t make sense.

      • Luke Perry Glover

        Yeah. For whatever reason this isn’t getting a simulcast so we have to wait on fan subs. lol
        Also the ending of this episode…sigh.


          to many complain about no subs, why dont u make one instead of wasting time on bit*hing about it :), or do as you would normally do, wait for the subs without complaining 🙂 that would empty some space in the comment section for some more usefull “oppinions” on these episodes 🙂

          • Luke Perry Glover

            Lol a few months too late man. Idk if you were replying to me, or my friend up there, but I wasn’t actually upset and it was only a few day wait. Also you can only sub if you know the language, hence why we didn’t sub it. 😛


            True xD first realised the date now lol -_- I thought this was the new season

          • Luke Perry Glover

            Lol :p
            Ah, nah. That’ll be on Netflix on the 17th, I assume dubbed.

  • Uzumaki Naruto

    God damnit this episode trolled me so hard

  • Ricky Matthews

    They are so cute Diane and King

  • Monse

    should that last scene be in these filler episodes pre season 2? thats actually p important for the 10c saga….

  • Clover Jevins

    Diane is cruel AF