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Seven Deadly Sins Signs of Holy War Episode 2 Subbed

Seven Deadly Sins Signs of Holy War Episode 2.
Watch Seven Deadly Sins Seisen no Shirushi Episode 2 in High Quality HD online on
You are watching Seven Deadly Sins Signs of Holy War Special Episode 2.
Episode 2 of the TV Anime Series Seven Deadly Sins Seisen no Shirushi / Signs of Holy War.



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  • Remy Hohenheim

    So, wheres the episode?

  • cody dunegan

    idk where is it

  • ASAP Musti

    when’s the sub coming out?

  • admir sehovic

    In link is Subbed 😀

  • cody

    its coming monday that the website said

  • mohit

    i downloaded mp4upload hd and its not supporting vlc… which format is this video..

    • its mp4,please update your vlc.

      • mohit

        i just did… still not working

        • try to download from Fast Video tab
          simply right click and save video. or just watch online 🙂

          • mohit

            you should check fast video hd of 2nd episode. i think its 1st episode…

          • it will be updated in 20 mins

          • mohit

            okay… Thanks… You are the “BEST”.. best site ever…

  • Bleeping Bobby

    Finaly, the subs!

  • alice193

    Gil was hilarious this episode!

  • Mads Lorenzen

    why arent these episode on netflix yet?

    • Layla black

      Because the airring of the episodes come out first then they put it on netflix when the season is complete

  • AccessDenied

    wait aren’t these guys both immortal?

    • Feauxen

      I believe so. But while Ban seems to be physically incapable of dying (aside from a few times he got cut in half in the first season and wasn’t healing to add tension or something) I don’t think Meliodus has the same incapability. He probably could be killed if you beat on him enough. Though the fact that Hendrickson seems to have survived the finale of Season one suggests that would take some very serious doing, since they seem to share the same regenerative ability. It’s also entirely possible that Ban could be killed if he was hit by the right kind of attack, or simply “killed” over and over again in rapid succession until even the impressive magic keeping him from dying couldn’t keep up. When you have a main character (or indeed two main characters) who are so overpowered as to be invincible and immortal, the rules get a bit strange and the immortality needs to be at least slightly fallible. Otherwise there’s no tension about those characters’ survival.

  • Silverkyo

    ok Is Season 2 out yet…I don’t even need to wait for the dubbed version cause the Sub is pretty perfect as it is.

    • How2 Say Fuck a Lot

      season 2 was confirmed to release this year. hopefully that doesnt mean fuckin middle of december but it could, ya know?

  • WhatAm_I_DoingWithLife

    Season 2 on February 17 on netflix!! 11 more days Hyped asf.

    • That’s not season two. Its dubbed version of “sign of holy war”