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Seven Deadly Sins Episode 3 Subbed

Seven Deadly Sins Episode 3.
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Episode 3 of the TV Anime Series Seven Deadly Sins

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  • Da pokevurse


  • Da Pokevurse


  • Da pokevurse

    I agree with hawk. why is that a good thing? ;D. hawk i like cuz he thinks mr pervert(meliodas) is very weird and wrong.and messed up. GO HAWK!!!

  • SteveFkingErwin

    I love seeing the main character make it a handicaped match. He legit let Gil defeat him. If y’all remember from ep1, 1 of the guards mentioned “If he gets angered, this whole country, no the entire continent is going down with him” so honestly, I bet meliodas could fight the dude with a pair of chopsticks and some wasabi sauce and he’d still win. IF he was serious, which he clearly wasn’t

  • Brexxa

    That feel when you see the symbol on Meliodas`s armor, goddess clan ftw