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Seven Deadly Sins Episode 24 Subbed

Seven Deadly Sins Episode 24.
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You are watching Seven Deadly Sins Episode 24.
Episode 24 of the TV Anime Series Seven Deadly Sins

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  • Jonathan P. Maniego

    season 2 please!

  • JaunPunchMan

    That Ending!!!!!

  • Atoli

    Urgh, idk…I like good endings, but this feels a bit like a cop-out.
    “Yay, everyone is inexplicably alive again and nothing at all has any consequences!” just feels cheap.

    A victory without sacrifices doesn’t feel very worth it.

    • HowToK

      theres more if you read the manga. also, if you watched past the ending song, theres a bit more about whats to come next

      • Atoli

        Yeah I know there is a season 2 coming out soon (or out already?) which will probably tell more about what happens next,’s still the end of this arc that was built up for 23 episodes, and as such, feels pretty weak because anything impactful and any meaningful sacrifice got turned into “eh, whatever, everyone is alive and lives happily ever after now”.

        I’ll still watch season 2 though :3

    • Kire Lopez

      the father of this barrier guy died, the great holy knight.

  • Jonel

    Does someone notice that the seventh sin did not show up in episode 1 to 24

    • John Harrison

      he will show himself on season 2

  • adam abbott

    i cried when hawk went alive