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Seven Deadly Sins Episode 1 Dubbed

Seven Deadly Sins Episode 1.
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Episode 1 of the TV Anime Series Seven Deadly Sins

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  • chill

    OMY gud bless the niga that uploaded this ur my hero

    • jdogzero silverblade


    • Mika~chan

      same lol

    • Bella2112

      same here

  • The Heat’s Den-Eye


  • Bret Gmeterick

    Fun fact, throughout the history of the seven deadly sins in real life, pride has always been the most powerful.

  • Sam

    i clicked start video and a porn game popped up, Im scarred

    • it must be popad in video,we do not own video players. simply close that window and it will be fine. nothing to worry about.

  • Sam

    help me PLEASE